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Download Can we kiss forever ringtone mp3 download mr jatt

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Can we kiss forever lyrics, the song’s release date, its view on Spotify, the author and singer of the song, biography of Adriana Proenza, and 3 ways to download it for free or paying fee.

Can we kiss forever – 3 ways to download it on iPhone for free and paying fee

“Can we kiss forever” – a song by an Italian artist – Kina with the performance of a Spanish singer-songwriter Adriana Proenza. The song was released in 2018 but it wasn’t until 2020 that it became popular. The song reached over 290 million streams on Spotify in the present and has gone viral on TikTok since the middle of 2020. A lot of people love this song and want to know about the lyrics and the singer of the song. So in this article, we share with you all the lyrics of the song and provide some of the information about the singer who sings this song – Adriana Proenza. Let’s get started!

Can we kiss forever – Biography of the singer of this song – Adriana Proenza

Adriana Proenza is a Spanish singer – songwriter. She was born in 2001. So she’s still quite young, just 20 years old this year.

She released her first debut EP song “I wrote with Corey” on 31 October 2018 under the record label College Music Records and has many songs like About this place, Stand by me, Loven’t… although still very young. She got famous when the song “Can we kiss forever” became popular. This female singer also has an Instagram account with over 10.5K followers online under the name @proenzadriana.

Besides music, Adriana is also honing acting skills to establish a successful career out of it. She attends Corazza Studio for the Actor.

Can we kiss forever Lyrics 

It’s the lyrics of the song:

I tried to reach you, I can’t hide

How strong’s the feeling when we dive

I crossed the ocean of my mind

My wounds are healing with the salt

All my senses intensified

Whenever you and I, we dive

I crossed the ocean of my mind

But in the end I drown

You push me down, down

All the shame

When you called my name

I felt pain

When you came.

“Can we kiss forever” – How to download it on iPhone?

There are many ways to download this song not only on iPhone but also on other devices too. I share with you 3 ways to download it:

Firstly, download on Spotify

Spotify is an app to listen to many copyrighted songs and it allows you to download it to listen offline too. The app allows users to use it for free for 15 days. After that, you have to sign in to an account and pay a fee for that.

Secondly, download on Zing mp3

Almost all copyrighted songs are not free on Zing Mp3 if your account is just a free account. To listen to and download songs like this song “Can we kiss forever” you have to register a VIP account and of course, have to pay a fee monthly for that.

Thirdly, download it by converting its video to Mp3

But there’s a way to download this song without having to pay any fee.

You can download this song by using a web online to convert this video song to mp3 (can adjust the quality’s mp3 file) then download it to your phone.

You can search Google with the keyword “Convert Youtube to Mp3”. Then a list of websites will appear on the list results and you can choose any website that you want.

To download it easily, you can convert it on your computer first, then send it to your phone by using an SD card or Bluetooth.

In this article, we share with you all the things about the song “Can we kiss forever”: the release date, its views on Spotify, the author and the singer of the song, and the lyrics too. We also provide you some information about the biography of the song’s singer Adriana Proenza and guide you in 3 ways to download this song on your iPhone either free and having a fee. Hope you enjoy the song and download it successfully on your iPhone to listen to it Offline. 

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